View of Landmannalaugar from Blanukur

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Hvannadalsnukur - Highest Peak on IcelandThe great thing about Iceland, for me, is that everywhere you go is different from the last valley. Everyone has their own pre-conceived ideas about what it is like, most believing it is all snow and ice. How wrong could they be?

Those that do go tend to try and fit the whole country into a fortnight; that's a real shame because you will only scrape the surface. However, being a practical sort of person, it is difficult to manage an entire season out there (and the bank balance wouldn't be too healthy towards the end of August, either ;o) So, then, my compromise has been to go out for the usual fortnight, but to restrict the areas I go to. This way, I get to spend more time in each region. There's no way to say which is the 'best' area, the thing is they are all different.

So, after spending my birthday weekend with friends in Kopavogur, near Reykjavik, this year saw me head off with Exodus around the Reykjanes Peninsular, East to Hveragerði, over the Markarfljót to Básar in Þorsmork. The return from Básar proved to be 'sporting' due to high water levels and a 2WD bus before finally getting a puncture near Seljalandsfoss. The second leg of the journey took us East along highway 1 to Skaftafell and the off-coast headland of Ingolfshodði, before heading inland to Eldgjá and Landmannalaugar. Finally, we headed back to Reykjavik via Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir.

People keep asking if I'll go back. The answer is "of course". With scenery like this, it would be rude not to :o)

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Part 1: Highway 1 and Þorsmork

Gljufrabui, near Seljalandsfoss, southern IcelandGljufrabui ('Gorge Dweller')Porsmork, Near BasarThe Porsmork ValleyGlacier at head or Porsmork ValleyTurf houses at the Skogar Folk Museum

Part 2: Jökulsárlón to Ingólfshofði
Part 3: Skaftafell to Landmannalaugar
Part 4: Fjallabak to Reykjavik
Part 5: The End
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