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The very best of Iceland: The most outstanding landscape sites on the World Wide Web Travels In 19th Century Iceland

Eye on Iceland: An Online Resource is a web magazine about Iceland, featuring articles and travel tips, as well as photographs from various parts of the island. Look at the Featured Photo of the Month and go on to the EoI Photo Albums -- which also include a current photo contest and the results of a previous one. 
Iceland in the Caribbean -- This page is a must-visit, one of the oldest Icelandic web pages and still one of the best! Chet Gottfried has written a highly entertaining text, and his sequences of photographs are first-rate. Start at this page and follow the links.
Another pair of pages from Chet Gottfried is descriptively entitled A stroll through Akureyri , which begins with the intriguing "It began very early one morning when I was awakened by the telephone ringing, and upon answering, there was the immediate question: 'Would you like to go to Akureyri?'" ....
Chet Gottfried's newest page is An Icelandic Horse Ride , an illustrated and entertaining account of a day-trip during his most recent (Spring, 1998) visit to Iceland.
Chris Rigley's previous page, "The Iceland Gallery," has now been replaced by My Iceland Pictures . This completely revised and expanded site has many more photographs than before, organized into several themes (such as "The Golden Circle," "The Blue Lagoon," and "Around Reykjavík") and is accompanied by a highly informative text. Excellent photos and very nice site design.
Waterfalls are the dominant theme in Joe Doehler's Photo Gallery , which includes one of the best photos of Gullfoss on the web, plus an excellent shot of Skógafoss.
Iceland - The Country of Fire and Ice! -- A sequence of nine large landscape photographs.
Untitled -- I wasn't sure about including this page, as it shows photographs taken in Iceland rather than of Iceland. It's certainly the most unusual site in this list of Icelandic photography pages! Visit it and judge for yourself.
Destination Iceland -- Lonely Planet's detailed and comprehensive travel guide to Iceland, with some very good pictures, accessible individually or in the form of a "slide show."
Iceland -- Some nice scenes which are part of a short visitors' guide to Iceland.
Landscape Photographs of Iceland -- taken by Kamala Roberts during her year in Iceland as an exchange student, 1994-1995.
Ljósmyndir -- One of two sets of photographs by Jón Jónasson; this one is in colour. Go to "Iceland in Black and White" for the other collection.
Lee Putnam's Photos of Iceland -- This is probably the best-known and most widely visited collection of Iceland photos on the web; Lee tallied 60,000 visitors "before my counter broke."
Picture Collection -- Four sets of pictures -- summer and winter -- from Þorgrmmur Þorgrmmsson.
Some Places of Interest -- This is another "photo-index" page from Þorgrmmur Þorgrmmsson's indispensible compendium of information about Iceland.
Some Pictures from Iceland -- This is a small, but very varied, well-presented, and easily accessible collection.
Angling Club Lax-Á -- Mainly pictures of fishing, but includes a few landscape shots as well. There are links to several more pages of similar photographs in addition to this one.
Pictures from Iceland -- From mountains to McDonald's!
Reb and Stef Visit Iceland -- Mainly pictures of Reykjavík, accompanied by an interesting text -- and a visit to the Blue Lagoon .
Ísland -- Five pictures from Reykjavík and the "Golden Circle" tour.
Laurent Pelé Pictures -- An unusual mix of thumbnails from various places around Iceland.
Seven photographs are listed on Littek's Photo Page . They're very large and slow to download, but worth the effort to see these fine and high-resolution landscape scenes.
A small page of text and photographs about Iceland , some original, some copied from other sites.
An excellent -- and very unusual -- picture of Þingvallavatn highlights this small set of pictures from a 1995 Tour of Iceland .
The International Association for Astronomical Arts visited Iceland in 1988 and have posted some photographs from the trip, including photos of Mývatn, Góðafoss, and Þingvellir.
Toshihiro Ashino, from Japan, has a small page of very attractive photographs -- modestly entitled "Some Photographs" -- five of which were taken in Iceland.
Bilder von Island by Erik Braun has a list of links to sixteen photographs ("Bilder von Island"), mainly of southern Iceland, including Þingvellir and several waterfalls.
A page entitled Other areas outside Britain to visit for wildlife, Iceland contains seven excellent landscape, glacial, volcanic, and waterfall pictures.
A sequence of scenes from the capital city and region can be viewed in Myndir frá Reykjavík , which is part of a large and very comprehensive information site about the city.
Egilsstaðir is a small inland community in north-east Iceland: this page displays an aerial shot of the town. Other aerial pictures can be found at Loftmyndir , while some additional photographs of the community are at Egilsstaðir - nokkrar myndir .
Dane's Picture of the Moment is a small collection of about a half-dozen pictures.
A short page on Hekla contains two very nice and quite different photographs, together with a brief description of an ascent of the mountain.
Isafjordur Harbour contains a single picture of the harbour, plus one of Dynjandi in Arnarfjordur, an attractive waterfall in the region.
The Iceland Photo Gallery shows about twenty pictures from many different parts of Iceland, taken in 1993 and 1995 by Stefan Schlesinger, a German visitor.
"The pictures you find on the next web pages should not be understood as a demonstration of my (non-existing) photographic skills. So please don't expect too much" is the rather modest introduction to a two-part "Visit to Iceland," accessible from a site entitled Pictures from all over the world . There are in fact some very good pictures here, taken in the late summer of 1996, together with links to an informative text.
Almost two dozen pictures from many parts of Iceland are displayed in Iceland Captures constructed by a French visitor to Iceland, Luc Bellissard.
Typical Icelandic Countryside is a page described by its author as follows: "I call them 'typical landscapes' mainly because these are scenes you might typically see when going around in Iceland. These pictures were taken in July 1995."
Photo Book Iceland consists of two pages of "personal pictures" taken by Massimo Casulini, Falls , and Other Photos . Although the collection is fairly small, the photographs are very good, and contain scenes of places infrequently "visited" by most of the other photographers in this collection of links.
Voyage en Islande is a page in French that shows many of the more conventional tourist attractions, such as Mývatn, Landmannalaugur, and Geysir. Altogether there are twelve pictures, which despite their size load quickly and are linked to larger versions.
Being unable to read Dutch, I have no idea what IJsland, het eiland waar de natuur alles in handen lijkt te ebben is all about, but it is worth visiting for its two photographs, one of Húsavík, the other of Góðafoss.
Four photographs of Ísafjörður can be found at a page maintained by PÓLLINN H.F.
Naturforum Island displays a nice picture of Geysir and includes a link to Foton från islandskurserna -96 , which shows several geologically-oriented photographs of places such as Svinafellsjökull, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, and Ingolfshöfði, taken during two university courses on geology. Recent additions include Foton från islandskurserna -98 , pictures from a 1999 trip , and a picture gallery of photographs by Karin Eriksson.
I found it rather difficult to navigate around a site entitled Náttúruvernd , but if you take the time to follow all the links on the many secondary pages, your effort will be repaid with the opportunity to see some first-class landscape and nature photography.
Pictures from several countries are shown in Attin's Gallery , including two waterfalls in Iceland -- Svartifoss and Gullfoss .
A rather strange essay, or magazine article, entitled Gone to an Alien (Ice)land , is illustrated with a few pictures from several locations in Iceland.
Eight very large photographs can be found at Reittour in Island '95 .
Photographs of the Hale-Bopp comet over Iceland highlight Ingþór Júlíusson's Photo Gallery , which includes several other pictures of the Reykjavík area. The page's author says that "This site is going to grow fast this summer (new pictures will be added every month)."
An unusual method (a Java Script viewer) of selecting pictures to view is used in this small set of photographs by Dave Cole .
Seljalandsfoss is an unusual waterfall in southern Iceland -- unusual in that you can walk behind it. This photograph of Seljalandsfoss comes from a very attractive set of natural and urban landscape photographs presented in Colours of Ísland , which also includes pictures of several other waterfalls.
Iceland Guide is a site from Germany that contains lots of information and some excellent photographs of several places in Iceland, including Þingvellir, the church at Viðimýri, Glaumbær, Akureyri, Mývatn, Dettifoss, and Ásbyrgi. To get the most out of this complex site, follow all the links, but go to Herbst 1997 , Winter 1997/1998 , and Winter 1998 for the main photo collections.
Mika Perkiömäki of Finland visited Iceland and Faroe Islands in June, 1997, and has posted a fine collection of pictures from his trip.
Donna S. Duncan's modestly entitled Pictures of Iceland is a very large collection of photographs from a variety of locations in Iceland, including the Golden Circle, the Highlands, and Reykjavík.
Iceland -- Landscape photography containing a series of images made by Jos Hugense.
"This is my Iceland Page" says the author of this page, which shows a few photos. Unfortunately, he doesn't tell us who he is!
You may have to do some searching through the links, but will find some pictures of the Mývatn area at the web site of the Mývatn Research Station , together with a great deal of useful additional information about the region.
When Iceland celebrated 50 years of independence everybody joined in, some dressed in traditional Icelandic costumes, others in bicycle shorts....
Þingvellir, Geysir og Gullfoss shows four pictures from the Golden Circle tour region.
Sumar í Skagafirði is an excellent site, consisting of a series of individual pages illustrating various aspects of life on an Icelandic farm in the northern region of the country.
Hemmi´s Pictures of Reykjavik/Iceland is exactly what the title suggests -- a collection of more than two dozen quite varied scenes in the nation's capital.
A truly unique and beautiful page -- The Fairest Church in Iceland shows a dozen thumbnail pictures of the interiors and exteriors of churches around Iceland. Each picture is linked to a larger version along with a short descriptive text and a poem.
Start at Iceland in Winter for several excellent sets of photographs, both in black and white and colour, by Graeme Burnett. Follow the links at the bottom of this first page to see volcanoes, cloudscapes, and night scenes -- and click on the picture of the bus for a "hidden" page of colour photos.
The famous arch at the waterfall Ófærufoss collapsed in the spring of 1993. This page shows two photographs taken in 1984, before the arch's collapse.
Lori's Trip to Iceland is an extensive site of several text-based pages, liberally illustrated with photographs. The Iceland Photo Album is particularly worth a visit but most of the other pages also contain some pictures.
Beginning at Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice will take you through a sequence of a half-dozen pages of text and a large number of thumbnail photographs from a trip to Iceland by Joel Richard.
Iceland: The Home Country -- A short but informative essay on Iceland, containing four photographs.
Pictures from Iceland , a page by Sigurður Haraldsson, who lives in Reykjavík, includes several photographs of the city. Another page on the same site, Reykjavík by Night displays a couple of additional photos.
Ricardo Baeza-Yates - Applied Geography shows four pictures from Iceland: two from Reykjavík and two from the Blue Lagoon.
Island Picture Gallery -- Five winter pictures of South Iceland, taken during a trip in March, 1995.
Iceland - A Collection of Photos on a Tour in July 1997 is a small set of scenes from the Mývatn area, soon to be expanded to include more from elsewhere in Iceland.
Although the home page is rather dull, the eight photographs of Iceland in Virtual Gallery of Thies Meincke are very fine and attractively presented. The pictures of Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss are particularly good, as they show unusual perspectives on these often-photographed waterfalls, but all the other photographs are well worth looking at as well.
A nice blend of black-and-white and colour photographs of Iceland characterize Pictures from Iceland , taken in the summer of 1996 by Fridjof & Gerald Schmidt. The scenes include Dimmuborgir, Herðubreið, Frostastaðavatn, Skaftafellsjökull, Morsárdalur, and several more.
Patrice Calégari is a well-travelled individual who has visited many countries, and who has posted photos from some of his trips on the web. Clicking on this link to his Photo Gallery will take you to the "Iceland" section of the index, where you will find four more links to a collection of almost fifty photographs: Couleurs d'un pays magique/Colors of a magic country , Une randonnée de 6 jours/A six day trek , Oiseaux en liberté/Free birds , and Feux rouges/Red lights . This is a very nice site with some excellent and varied landscape photography.
The Árnesinga Folk Museum is located at "The House" in Eyrarbakki, built in 1765, and one of the oldest surviving buildings in Iceland. Exhibits show local history and trace the different roles that The House has played during its long life.
A Swedish page, Island , contains four photographs from Þórsmörk and Strokkur.
The modestly titled Holiday in Iceland July 1996 has two pages of thumbnails, linked to larger pictures of northern and eastern Iceland.
Five quite good but slow-to-load photographs can be found at The Icelandic Landscape . The pictures were taken during an Iceland stop-over on an oceanic research cruise, which is described elsewhere in the site.
Four photographs of Iceland are listed in the home page of Lea Epstein.
Welcome to Glennster's Iceland Pictures Page is the title for a gallery of thirty photographs, mainly of Reykjavík, but a few taken elsewhere in the south-west.
Despite the small number of photographs and their large size (therefore slow to appear) I liked Images of Iceland , in particular for the detail of the construction of an old Icelandic house, as well as an excellent photograph of a farm in Öxnadalur.
Iceland 97 is the first of four pages of thumbnail photographs -- a total of thirty-five in all -- of various parts of Iceland. If you click on each thumbnail, you will find a larger (much larger!) version of the picture, together with a short description and a map showing you where the photograph was taken.
Iceland Photo Album is part of a comprehensive text-and-photographs site by Janet Egan, describing a trip that she made recently. For a detailed account of the trip, which includes some useful links to other sites, go to Cheese Sandwiches, Kaffi, and the Gates of Hell (!)
Rolf Luethi's updated and expanded Iceland in Cinemascope is a complex and multi-layered site showing a large but well-organized set of photographs, most in panorama format. This site will give the "virtual tourist" a very rapid idea of the enormous variety that the Icelandic landscape has to offer, both in summer and winter.
Photos of Iceland is a text index of links to a small collection of pictures, including some nice waterfall photographs.
In Pictures of Iceland , Johannes Schramm says, "In June 1996 my friends Heike and Olli went to Iceland with me for a 3 weeks holiday. It was one of the most wonderful holidays I ever had. Driving with our VW camper through deserts, across glacier rivers, being surrounded by volcanos, craters, hot springs, glaciers was simply wonderful. And it never got dark!"
Vincent Masquelier of Luxembourg hosts a small "thumbnails" page linked to six attractive (but very large) photographs entitled Pics from my trip in Iceland .
Above the Circle - Slideshow starts with a few pictures from Iceland, and then continues on to Norway.
Iceland - June 1997 is a very detailed account, illustrated with lots of photographs, of a three-day trip to the southwest of Iceland. Contains some excellent photos spread over two web pages.
A small set of pictures accompanies a short, and somewhat cynical, commentary on Iceland in this page.
A Traveller's Iceland Page consists of twenty-one thumbnail photographs of landscape scenes in southern and south-eastern Iceland, linked to larger versions.
Here you'll find almost everything about my Trekking Tour around Iceland... is the introduction to a small collection of photographs taken in the summer of 1996. Not all of the pictures are listed on the home page -- click through them to see the entire set.
As the site's title -- South Iceland - so much to discover! -- suggests, there is indeed much to discover about south Iceland, as there is also in this information-packed site. Photography buffs will likely be most interested in Places worth visiting in South Iceland . But don't visit this enormously informative and useful site just to find out about this region alone; it contains a wealth of information about Iceland as a whole, with pictures illustrating most of the pages. 
There are seven landscape scenes in this Virtual field trip of south-western Iceland. The pictures take a long time to load because they are set up in a continuous slide-show format, but are well worth the wait. There is also a geological map showing where each photograph was taken.
Birders will be especially interested in Clockwork Travel's Iceland Photo Page , because of the links that it contains to pictures of about two dozen Icelandic birds. There are also fifteen very good landscapes scenes.
There is only one photograph at Mikkel's Portfolio: Travel, Iceland , but it's a great one -- don't miss it!
Iceland : a small set of additional photos from a geology trip to Iceland in the summer of 1997.
The Cheyne Link -- Home page of an American family stationed in Iceland: click on the Photo Album for a collection of 35 pictures from the south of Iceland.
One of the most striking Icelandic sites on the web (in French) is Islandia, d'eau et de feu , which captures the diverse faces of the Icelandic landscape, including rivers, glaciers, lakes, volcanoes and geysers, as well as flora, fauna, birds, and aspects of Icelandic life. Take the time to navigate through the many areas of this spectacular and complex display.
Tobin's Iceland Page is a "holiday album" of photos from a 1997 trip, nicely displayed according to various themes (volcanoes and lava, geothermal activity, waterfalls, glaciers, architecture) and in geographical order.
You can find a few pictures of the Hveragerði area by clicking on the "General Info" link on this page.
Dick Vuijk of the Netherlands has constructed a very comprehensive and diverse set of pages, entitled Natural History of Iceland . There are three main sections, "Flowers of Iceland," "Birds of Iceland," and "Landscapes of Iceland," each of which can be reached from the home page. Here is a wealth of information and images of these diverse aspects of Iceland's natural beauty.
Ivan's Trekking Page has visits to several places around the world, one of which, of course, is Iceland , where you will find some excellent photographs of waterfalls and volcanic features. There is even an animated sequence of Geysir erupting!
Iceland '97 - Descriptions and photos of a trip to Iceland in July '97 is an accurate title for this small page of text and photographs showing areas such as Reykjavík, the Golden Circle, parts of the north, and the interior.
Here is a page -- Arnór Baldvinsson's Pictures from Iceland -- that used to be listed in "Landscapes of Iceland," but which seemed to have disappeared for a while. I'm glad it's back: it shows several very nice photographs, including  an excellent picture of Iceland in winter.
There are just eleven pictures in RP's Photo Gallery: Iceland , but they manage to show some very diverse aspects of Iceland: everything from a view of Reykjavík to icebergs, glaciers, and lava!
Most of the pages and sites in this collection come from foreign visitors to Iceland. Here, in contrast, is one by an Icelander, Kristín Jóhannsdóttir. She describes her Kristín's Pictorial Iceland as follows: "Home is where the heart is and I want to open up mine for all of you to see. Inside you will get a peek to a small island in the North Atlantic where the sun shines during the summernights and the darkness rules the winters. This is my home - Iceland." In addition to the pictures you will find here, also visit Íslandsmyndir , another collection of Kristín's photographs.
Images from Iceland is a small collection of photographs assembled from other sites.
Iceland and Faroes contains just two pictures of Iceland, together with a short piece of text giving advice to travellers who might be interested in hiking.
Chris Tolbert, an American living with his family in Iceland, has updated his website, Scenic Iceland , which now shows a couple of dozen photographs from Þingvellir, other places in the south-west, and Mývatn and Skaftafell. A new addition is Recent Pictures .
Just three black-and-white pictures illustrate a trip to Iceland mentioned in Lars Hansson's links .
A page showing pictures from a number of different countries, My Travels Through Europe , includes a shot of Gullfoss.
The author of Pictures from Lake Mývatn describes his page as follows: "On these pages I will inform you a bit about one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Lake Mývatn in the North of Iceland. I will show you some pictures and link you to other web sites with information on Lake Mývatn. Also you will find some stories about people in the area and how they live."
A collection of about fifty very good and varied pictures from a trip to Iceland in August 1998 is displayed in three separate galleries on Fotovisie , a Dutch page.
Iceland -- Land of Fire and Ice has many photos of all aspects of the Icelandic landscape, and is well organized into a number of distinct pages, such as Landscapes, Waterfalls, Geysir, and several others.
Sven Strumann Foto & AV Produktion contains a dozen pictures of Iceland under the title, "Island - Naturparadies im Nordatlantik" -- a varied collection of very good pictures.
Hiroshi Ichikawa prefaces his website, Pictures from Iceland, 1974-1980 , with the following words: "Yes, the pictures are rather old, but I am presenting these because I think that these pictures will interest many people. I lived in Iceland during that time and took many pictures, mainly pictures of people, especially children. If you go to Iceland, you will notice that there are many children around and they are beautiful. Instead of taking postcard-like pictures, I took pictures just like ordinary people would see it. No unusual techniques to alter the facts." This is a well-designed and -presented site containing a large collection of thumbnails linked to larger versions of each picture.
Iceland Travel Review is a "critical guide" to travelling and vacationing in Iceland from the point of view of two English visitors. The site contains a few photos.
With one of the most intriguing titles of all the sites listed here, The Official Insomniacs Home Page features over a dozen excellent panorama photographs, in "slide-show" format, from many locations in Iceland.
Robar's Trip to Iceland is a small collection of pictures, including a photograph of what he describes as "the best hot dog stand in Scandinavia."
Like several other Americans stationed at the Keflavík NATO base, Jim Miller has put together his own web page about Iceland, entitled Pictures from Iceland . This is an excellent set of pictures from the south-west, divided into eight categories: Lighthouses, Churches, Reykjavík, Nature, Waterfalls, Keflavík, Panoramas, and Miscellaneous.
Another page from the Keflavík NATO base, by the Meade family, is called Our Iceland Experience . It contains some good, although quite large and slow-to-load, photos of the south-west.
Katja Häselbarth introduces her web page entitled Katja´s Island - Homepage with the following words: "These are some of the pictures I took during two visits to Iceland. 1993 I went there for holidays and August 1997 I worked at the university hospital." There are almost three dozen pictures, organized into sets of thumbnails for the categories Reykjavik, Westman Islands, Þingvellir, Landmannalaugar, Geysir & Gullfoss, Birds & Puffins, and Southern Iceland.
The straightforward words, "Hi, I'm Duane.... I'm traveling in Iceland. Here are some of the pictures I've taken" introduces Duane Robertson's Tour Of Iceland . Most of the pictures come from the south and south-west, but there are others from Snæfellsnes as well. This is a very large collection of generally excellent photographs, accessible via thumbnails and attractively designed location maps.
Rudy Brueggemann is a writer, photographer, and online editor based in Seattle, Washington, who visited Iceland in the summer of 1998. He has two web pages that should interest visitors to "Landscapes of Iceland": The first is A warm dip in a cold Icelandic rain , an interesting illustrated article about his trip. The second page, which shows more pictures from the trip (most of them in thumbnail form linked to larger versions), is called Iceland Image Gallery , .
Iceland 1997 is a pictorial record of a family trip around Iceland a couple of years ago. There are around forty pictures, best accessed via the first "Show me your pictures" link.
Being unable to read Danish, I cannot tell you exactly what PÅ Island consists of, except that it appears to be an illustrated account of two trips to Iceland, one in 1994 and the other in 1998.
Iceland -- five photographs of Iceland in winter.
Mikko Aho, from Finland, worked on a farm in southern Iceland in the summer of 1998. Photos From Iceland presents some of the pictures he took during that time, organized geographically into Selfoss and Southern Iceland, Reykjavík, Vestmannaeyjar, Þórsmörk, and Snæfellsnes.
Départ pour l'Ultima Thule ~ Bienvenue en Islande is a quite comprehensive guide to Iceland in French, and covers topics such as Histoire, Géologie, Economie, Arts & Littérature, Géographie, Population, Climat, la Faune, la Flore, l'Eruption d'Octobre 96, and Informations Touristiques. Several of these pages have pictures, but most of the photos are to be found in Images de l'ile .
Iceland is a small display of very good pictures, mainly from the "Golden Circle" tour -- Geysir, Gullfoss, and Þingvellir. The pictures of Þingvellir are impressive, especially the ones of the waterfall, from a perspective I have not seen on other sites.
Iceland 1997 seems to be the product of some sort of student gathering in Iceland: "In summer 1997 there were a lot of trainees in Iceland from all around the world. Most of them were from IAESTE, AIESEC, ELSA and IMSIC. Here you can find some pictures and the addresses of us trainees. You also find some more pages about Iceland 1997 and some interesting stuff about Iceland in general." A page constructed by one of the participants, The Summer of 1997 , is a text description with text-links to several photographs -- which are very large, so you will either have to be patient or have access to a fast internet connection!
Elfar Eiriksson Webpage ~ Photo gallery is a small collection including some personal pictures as well as scenic views.
I like the tongue-in-cheek way that Steve Tijou's 1998 Trip to Iceland and Greenland page begins: "OK, so they are not the most conventional countries to visit for a holiday -- there is no lying on the beach, in Iceland beer is £5 a pint, and you don't expect to walk around with your shorts on, but then, we've all done that before, so why not do something a bit different, and see some of nature's work first hand? Well that's exactly what I did, so if you're still interested, why not read on?" You'll find an entertaining description here, plus eleven quite varied pictures of Iceland, and a few of Greenland.
Stori Lundi's Trip to Iceland shows nineteen thumbnails -- with links to full-screen versions -- of a variety of scenes around Iceland. The photos were taken on a visit in June 1998.
There are only a few photographs in Mit dem Fahrrad durch Island, Sommer 1996 , but they are quite varied (including Myvatn, Landmannalaugar, Gullfoss, Strokkur, and the Blue Lagoon). The spectacular shots of icebergs in Jökulsarlon are particularly worth a look. You can also send several of the pictures as web postcards by clicking on the link near the top of the page.
Start at Iceland for links to three sequences of pictures, entitled "Black Beach," "Lighthouse Cliff," and "Mud Pots."
Iceland: 14-21 september 1997 is a collection of thumbnails of a group's trip to Iceland. There are some landscape scenes here that are worth a look, but unfortunately they're housed on an extremely slow server.
If you have visited even just a few of the web sites listed in these "Landscapes of Iceland" pages, then you have more than likely seen many examples of the scenes shown in Iceland August 1997 . Don't let that deter you, however, as there as some very good views and unusual perspectives on places in the south-west, including Pingvellir, Strokkur, and Gullfoss.
Just a few pictures on Welcome on our web page Iceland 98 . Keep clicking on "Next page" to find them.
There are over three dozen pictures from various places around Iceland in Iceland 98 -- a varied collection with some excellent photos that are well worth a visit.
Leah in Iceland displays a couple of photo galleries, plus separate pages of pictures showing waterfalls, transportation, and people.
Here are two sites with the same name: Pictures of Iceland #1 shows five pictures (rivers, waterfalls, and a good one of Reykjavík); and Pictures of Iceland #2 displays six pictures: geysers, a volcanic crater, and Gullfoss and Hallgrimskirkja.
You have a choice of viewing this collection in two ways: Either go to the trip description with links to photos at Trip to Iceland '96 , or look at thumbnails (with links) on All the Iceland pictures .
There are a few geologically-oriented pictures on The Iceland Page .
Lucy Bunce is a geochemist at the University of Edinburgh who is working towards her PhD on Icelandic basalts in the Snæfellsness Peninsula. She presents a very good set of pictures at Iceland , with scenes from her field research area, as well as Krafla, Dettifos, and the Golden Circle area of the south-west.
Pictures from Iceland -- Oliver Knorr's excellent and accessible collection of thirty-three highly varied pictures, organized into four sets of thumbnails. The mirrored iceberg on the last page is one of my favourites.
Welcome to Iceland will take you to the first page in a collection of thirteen pictures by Valur Oskarsson, a teacher at Rimaskoli Reykjavik. This page shows Arbaer, "a museum in Reykjavik, where you can find some old houses which have been taken there." Others include Bessastaðir, Þingvellir, and several waterfalls.
Egilsstadir Riding Tour is a detailed illustrated account of a 7-day trip in the north-east in 1998. In addition to almost four dozen pictures, there is also a collection of short videos.
Some winter pictures -- from an American family living on the NATO base in Keflavík -- including an unusual view of Gullfoss, are listed in links on The Crumps in Iceland Home Page . A similar page is simply entitled Island , and includes a link to "A Little Tour of Iceland," which is where you will find the pictures. Yet another similar page is Iceland is so beautiful....
Madeline's Views of Iceland includes twelve nicely displayed photographs of the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík, and Þingvellir.
The Fantastic Photo Exhibition is not really so very fantastic -- a mixed bag of pictures, in text-only links, some of which may be of interest to people wanting to see pictures of Icelandic scenery.
"Iceland boasts of the prettiest women, the strongest men, the smartest people and the most picturesque country. After spending over two weeks walking, riding and flying over this volcanic paradise, I found nothing to dispute their claims. In fact, I now developed an ego of my own. I now feel I have the best pictures of Iceland on the Web." See if you agree by clicking on Pictures of Iceland .
Iceland Pictures -- just half a dozen small pictures.
Robert Wagner's Photogalerie shows eight good but very large (in file-size terms) photographs.
Hendrik's MZ & Iceland-page : a small collection of large pictures (plus a tour-map) from a motorcycle tour of Iceland in August of 1997.
Seven pages of Pictures from various places around Iceland from a person who lived there for a year.
Five small pictures can be found in Iceland Photo Library from ElderTreks, a travel company aimed at "travelers 50 and over who love adventure and desire active itineraries designed specifically with them in mind."
Shep's Iceland Pics : a varied collection (two pages) of pictures from around Iceland, including Akureyri and the south coast.
Iceland Pics : a small set including six landscapes pictures.
Júlíus Júlíusson of Dalvík has put together several pages about his home town, including Information about Dalvík , and a series of pictures showing damage from the 1934 earthquake .
Here are a few pictures from A summer vacation in Iceland, June 98 .
Michael Seewald's photographic images of Iceland -- three quite striking pictures by a professional photographer.
Iceland Pictures: The Land of Fire and Ice . A few pictures; not very interesting.
Island Reiseführer contains some pictures as well as animated GIF's. You can find these within the site by clicking on the camera icon, and then clicking on "Bilder" and "Animation." Alternatively, you can go there directly by clicking on the following links: Bilder and Animation .
From Photocollection you can go to a couple of other pages which include pictures of Iceland, notably Landscapes and Geysirs
If you would like to see a very comprehensive, detailed, and interesting perspective on Iceland in general, and the Westman Islands in particular, from the point of view of some 11- and 12-year-old schoolchildren, visit The Ocean That Divides, The Ocean That Unites , part of an international project from Iceland, Sweden, and Ireland. Clicking on the buttons at the left of the Iceland page will take you to several other pages which include text, artwork, and photographs. Places of Interest begins with an image map leading to photographs of many locations around Iceland, but the entire site is worth a detailed exploration. All in all, an excellent website showing these children's pride in their heritage and country.
A page from Arthur Wendover of Toronto: Iceland: Images of a Small Nation -- "Here are some interesting photos showing various views of Iceland, a country I lived in for 16 years and got to know and love."
Start at Iceland Photos to view a small series of pictures of waterfalls and volcanic features. Click on the arrow at the top right to navigate through the five pages.
Island im Netz (Iceland On Line) is a comprehensive guide to Iceland in both German and English. Several of the pages have photographs, but the main ones are a little hard to locate. Clicking on Reykjavík will take you to a page that also includes clickable buttons for several other places around Iceland, each with photographs.
The Road To Ultima Thule is a somewhat strange account of a visit to the Mývatn area in 1992.
Oka Eitarou, a Japanese traveller, visited Iceland twice. His '95 Iceland consists of text-links to thirteen very large pictures.
Oblique aerial photographs of Reykjavík links to twenty pictures of Reykjavík, taken from a low angle, and showing a great deal of detail of the harbour, the centre of the city, and the university area. There's a lot of repetition, but all the pictures are worth a look, especially #1.
Look at Iceland from a most unusual perspective -- starting with some graveyard pictures -- in Janne Mikkonen's Iceland Galleria .
There are only a few pictures on the home page of Stephen D'Agostino's Photographs of Iceland . However, you should also go to the Slideshow , and be patient enough for the pictures to load in the lower left panel.
Iceland98 is a collection of 21 thumbnails linked to larger pictures of Reykjavík, the south, and the south-east.
My Pictures -- a small display of quite varied photographs.
Images of Iceland -- a "picture archive" contributed by participants in a summer school in Iceland in 1998. The pictures are mainly of the participants themselves, but a few landscape shots are scattered here and there.
Please excuse the diatribe, but one would hope that the professor who constructed this Untitled Document (a location map of various Icelandic scenes) for the students in one of his classes would have been courteous enough either to ask permission for the pictures he reproduces or, at least, credit the sources from which he selected other people's photos.
The Iceland Gallery on Willy Vilter's Voyages & 3D invites you to take a tour through each of five "rooms." Together they display fifty exceptional photographs.
Iceland ~ Velkomin á Íslandssíðuna mína! has text descriptions and some pictures under four headings: Air, Fire & Ice, Water, and Birds.
As far as this links site is concerned, Preliminary Results: Iceland B96 Project is notable for a picture of Góðafoss on the home page.
"Actually I planned to enjoy carnival in Brazil, but finally I found myself in Iceland in April." Iceland - a live travelogue gives an account of this six-day trip in the south.
Iceland 1997 is a small collection of pictures from a visit to the area around Akureyri and Mývatn.
A trip to Iceland - July/August 98 consists of a series of comments about places all around Iceland, illustrated with thumbnails (linked to larger versions) of pictures of some of these places.
Jazz pianist & composer Sunna Gunnlaugsdóttir toured Iceland with her trio in 1997. Here are some Pictures from the trip, one of the best being a somewhat unusual shot of Dettifoss.
Rignys Bjerg 1998 is an illustrated account of a British mountaineering expedition to Greenland. The team spent three days in Iceland along the way: the pictures and descriptions begin at "In Iceland" and continue for two more days (pages).
Members of the Sixth Form at Latymer Upper School in London, England, went on a six-day Visit to Iceland in April 1998. This site shows some pictures from their trip.
Pictures from visits to Iceland by student participants in Denmark's International Study Program can be found at Arctic Biology | Geology of Iceland: Photo Tour ; this page displays photos from tours in 1996 and 1997, while some more from 1998 are located at Arctic Biology & Geology of Iceland 1998 .
There are about half a dozen photos in Iceland by Motorcycle .
Family Adventures : two sets of pictures from temporary residents of Iceland, all from the south-west, and including some good pictures of waterfalls (Seljalandsfoss in particular).
There are three Photos on this page from an Icelander living in the USA.
South Iceland photo gallery is a new feature of the South Iceland: So Much To Discover web-site. Currently, there are three sets of pictures listed: Icelandic horses , Jokulhlaup in South Iceland rivers 1999 , and Photographs from Selfoss .
Italy is the main focus of Finnur Thorgeirsson's Photo and artpage , but I have included a link here as the first picture displayed shows Gullfoss in winter.
Iceland shows three small photos from the south.
Sean and Steven's Trip to Iceland -- text and pictures from a short visit by two Americans in March, 1999. This site includes some nice winter pictures, especially those of Gullfoss.
The homepage of Magnus Magnusson is notable for its inclusion of seven pictures of Aðalvík , a remote part of the westfjords.
Akureyri displays six pictures from the mid-North of Iceland, including a couple of spectacular winter street scenes.
Pictures of Iceland is a text-list of links to eleven very good photographs. I particularly liked the picture of old houses near Skaftafell as it neatly captures the juxtaposition of the natural environment and the cultural landscape of "old Iceland."
Leumas and Iceland, a photo site shows almost three dozen pictures (thumbnails and links) from various places around Iceland.
At the end of this untitled page, you will find a list of eight Images from Iceland .
Look for a nice display of pictures of Reykjavík, Gullfoss, and Strokkur in Trip to Iceland , by a well-travelled American visitor.
The simply-titled Ísland shows 32 photographs from a summer 1999 trip. Pictures include the Golden Circle destinations, as well as Landmannalaugar, Hekla, Laki, Skaftafell, and Dyrholaey.
Iceland Media Gallery stands out from most similar sites listed here in that the usual array of photographs (and very good ones they are, too) is complemented by short movies and a set of animated GIFs . There are four animations, two of Geysir erupting, and two of boiling mud pools at Namafjall in northern Iceland.
Heimasíða Steingríms, ljósmyndir (Homepage of Steingrimur, photographs) includes a variety of pages related to the Siglufjörður area, including Ljósmyndir frá Siglufirði (Pictures from Siglufjörður) and several other pages featuring ships, work-places, and people from this part of northern Iceland.
Þröstur Þorsteinsson, an Icelander currently living in Seattle with his family, presents some memories of home in Pictures from Iceland (waterfalls, Landmannalaugar, Öræfi and more).
Look for a small collection of large pictures on Island in Bildern , a German site showing places such as Gullfoss, Námafjall, Mývatn, and Reykjavík.
Scroll about halfway down The Ovens Family Home Page to find links to three galleries of pictures taken by this American family currently stationed at the NATA base at Keflavík.
Unfortunately, enormous file size mars access to the 25 otherwise very good, high resolution pictures on Iceland Travelogue .
Although Otto's Photo Gallery ~ Landscape 1 and Otto's Photo Gallery ~ Landscape 2 are not strictly "Iceland" websites, in that they also show pictures from several other places, both include some spectacular shots of Þórsmörk, which are not to be missed.
Also entitled "Iceland by bike," The land of the midnight sun (nearly) is a nicely illustrated account of a trip in 1995.
Round Table Iceland Presents: Ice & Fire 1999 is a home page announcing a trip to Iceland in the summer of 1999. Although outdated, it's of interest here because of the small photos featured in the "Masstour" section of the site. Unfortunately the thumbnail-sized pictures are not linked to larger versions, but they're worth a quick look anyway.
Power plants are one theme in A Trip to Iceland , a short page of a dozen photos, which also shows some nice shots of Reykjavík.
Megumi in Iceland is the home page for a small site describing a Japanese student's educational exchange visit to Iceland, including a link to a photos page.
There are some spectacular sunset shots on Iceland, June 25-27,1998 , plus a very good panorama of Þingvellir. The short text is also quite interesting, and it's worth quoting as I am sure it resembles the experience of many other first-time visitors to Iceland: "On the phone with my travel agent, I was informed that the cheapest fare to Europe was actually through Icelandair. And Icelandair offered a free three-day layover in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. So en route to Amsterdam (en route to Copenhagen), I spent 72 hours in the Viking nation of Iceland. I didn't know a thing about the country; I didn't know where to stay, I didn't know what language they spoke, and I didn't even really know where it was. Yet I got off the plane, alone, and figured it out. More or less."
Gallery Iceland is a small display of about fifteen landscape scenes from a number of different locations around Iceland.
Pictures from the Faroe Islands and Iceland (June 1998) includes over thirty scenes, most in very large files that might take a while to download. However, making the effort is worth it: the grainy texture and deep green colour of many of these pictures emphasize the rugged character of the Icelandic landscape. As examples, I recommend the photographs of Stöng and Skógafoss .
Iceland Pictures : fourteen thumbnails with links to larger pictures of varied landscape scenes.
Nine pictures from various places around Iceland are listed on a page by Johannes Valdemarsson .
There are only a few pictures on Some of my Iceland photos , but the rest of the site is also worth a visit, especially if you are interested in trying Icelandic recipes.
Here's a simply titled and designed site: Iceland Photos , a list of links to twelve pictures, mostly of Reykjavík.
Photo Gallery ~ Pictures from Iceland : seven large thumbnails, unfortunately not linked to full-sized versions.
Heimasíða Dóra með myndum og fleiru áhugaverðu is quite an unusual site as it consists of three galleries of pictures of trucks taken at various locations around Iceland. There are some landscape shots here as well, though.
Photos is the rather bland title of a page showing a dozen quite nice scenes from various locations around Iceland.
There is a single photo of the waterfall Selfoss on Land of Ice and Fire .
A large set of pictures is displayed on a single page at Iceland . Some of the pictures look like copies from elsewhere but there are some quite good originals as well.
Iceland in winter is featured on New Year , a personal page which includes both scenery and family pictures.
Click on the "Photos" button in Kip's Travelpage: Iceland to see about thirty photographs of the south-west, including some nice shots of Reykjavík, as well as some less-frequently photographed scenes.
For an entirely different "take" on Iceland, look at Suburban houses , which, as its title suggests, is simply a "slide show" with seven photographs of typical houses and apartments, presumably located in Reykjavík.
Impressions from Iceland contains a dozen scenes from the south, concluding with a good shot of Strokkur erupting.
Close to sixty excellent photographs are shown in slide-show format in Postcards from Iceland . The site is notable for some unusual scenes of Reykjavík, but there is much more here as well.
Two sets of pictures, focussing mainly on Gullfoss and Geysir, from some temporary residents of Iceland, are in Iceland 1999 .
"August 22, 1999: Reykjavik Marathon, Iceland (yes, Iceland). Five hours five minutes to run 26.2 miles. I spent a week in Iceland and went on expeditions to volcanoes, glaciers, geysirs, iceberg lagoons, lava fields, mountains..." says Tim Bonzi, by way of introduction to his Iceland web pages. In all there are seventeen pages of photos, including urban scenes in Reykjavík and Akureyri, and other pages featuring Gullfoss, Goðafoss, Hekla, and Landmannalaugar. The quality of the pictures is very high, and the author has managed to capture some familiar sights in a new way. Highly recommended.
DSO's Traveller Web Site - ICELAND : a small collection of photographs from the south and south-west.
Start at Images of Iceland , click on the photograph, and then browse through five sets of pictures, arranged in slide-show format. The categories are glaciers, waterfalls, islands, mountains, and sunsets.
Postcards from Iceland: Icelandic Scenery -- a fairly large collection of pictures, most original but others borrowed from other sources, and organized into "geographical" categories.
Hyperballad In Iceland : a very nice collection of close to fifty photographs from the south, east, and Mývatn region.
There is too much to list in the Þjóðminjasafn Íslands website (or its counterpart in English, The National Museum of Iceland ). Take the time to explore this multi-layered site for a fascinating glimpse of Iceland past and present.